Love Story

Rampspoed piept slijpend
en borstels strelen vuil
van vader op zoon doorgeven
onzichtsvermogen, en
lang gaat het goed,
valt het mee, zelfs, zelf,
en lijkt de koppigheid
radelijk wijs.

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Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind | Filmgedicht door René van Densen

You know, it’s like
you know.

Deep down
behind the
iron curtains.

You knew that
you know,
you know.

It’s all gone
wrong and
sticks like blood,

Drip, drip
in a pool
of watered-down
past times.

Taken out
with the trash
talk of dirty mouths.

You know it.
Like you know.


Seasoned innocence
upon layers
of tough love,
rock hard

Touch of
make-up, made up
of promises made,
broken up and down

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