That type of day

Now don’t you worry, I’m really okay
I’ve just been having a type of a day
You know the day, you’ve had it as well
The kind of day that can just go to hell

It’s that certain day that starts just off mark
Like sudden drizzle on a picnic in the park
Not worthy of anger, or fury, or rage
More like cutting your finger while turning the page

And nothing goes quite right, but not wrong enough
To make you complain that times sure are tough
Sure, you can handle it, no trouble at all
Just all of the shit, combined, ruins it all

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Then there was the
bearded snowflake
who knew he would
die alone

In the vast ocean of
time, he had but a
limited purpose and

But melt he did not, nor
whisk or fall, but he
grew a beard and he

While his kind fell on
tongues in the bliss that is,
he calmly decided to
outlive man.


Now of course
they were all taught
to run
when they were children

So they did
one ran fast
another ran in panic

one didn’t run.

One by one
he provided
the leg-up
to get over the wall

And they ran on

There is true bravery
in staying behind

It’s the one thing
he couldn’t teach you.