Nothing more than

The biggest mistake
Any man can make
Is tell people: “You’re not
supposed to feel this way.”

It’s a simple rule
but many a fool
Has felt the need to make
feelings go away.

Now, do as you may
But there will be a day
When all your efforts will blow up
in your face.

And all of the songs
Will only remember your wrongs
Because you have to let
feelings take place.

Geen dienst

Ik zit typisch op zo’n bus
waar enkel mensen afstappen
legere en legere zetels
ongewenstere en ongewenstere bestemming
Er wil niemand wonen
Er wil niemand werken
Er wil niemand heen
Er wil niemand doorheen
Zelfs de chauffeur eigenlijk niet

Straks stapt die ook nog uit,
En dan ?