Life is an addiction
It wrecks your body and it rots your soul

Life is an affliction
You suddenly have it and there is no cure
Every known remedy is fatal

Life is not open to debate
You cannot argue with life, it simply is
Or it is not, it will not listen
To some sort of compromise situation

Life is contagious
Once you have it, sooner or later, you will want
To pass it on to a next generation
That will hate you for it at least once in their lives

Life is a natural disaster
It expands without mercy, enveloping the globe
It bends all reality to its will
If you try to limit it, it will always find a way
One way or another or another or another

Life is a nightmare
But it is a lucid dream
As inevitable as things may seem
There is often a way to control it
Or at least deal with the consequences
Of the everlasting and everending dream

That is life.

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Door Rene van Densen

Schrijver, dichter en mafkees René van Densen publiceert niet alleen op internet. Er zijn ook boekjes van hem te koop in zeer gelimiteerde oplagen (en hij doet niet aan tweede drukken).

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