Translated from Prozacstad: Je Bent Er

Verhaal door René van DensenEven from a great distance I saw exactly how it went wrong, how the man jogging put his foot wrong, bent his leg and fell. With a loud splash he fell into the water. For a moment everything waved and then his arms struggled above water. Wild panic. The man screamed for help – apparently he couldn’t swim. What kind of person goes jogging next to a canal when you can’t swim, I thought, while I walked towards the scene. I saw other people running who were closer, so I didn’t walk too fast. Energy has been a valuable commodity these days.

The boy and girl who arrived first, suddenly stopped. The boy started clapping and the girl shook her hips. It looked very bizarre, until I approached. Because it needs to be said, the cries for help from the man were catchy and melodious. The more desperate he cried, the more admiration he got from the embankment. This man rocks ! When he definately went under, there was some disillusionment in the crowd. Disappointment they walked away. I stared at the widening circles in the water where the man was just struggling. Ridiculous how nobody tried to save him.

I decided to write an angry opinion online at home. But first I needed to go get cigarettes.