The Ballad Of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

(What is this about ?)
They banded together,
together they’d win
Keep their whole world safe,
no dangers within

But sure, it was hard
to stand their ground,
they had to split apart,
and move all around

Thus goes the ballad
of Blinky and Pinky
of their pal Inky
and then there was Clyde.
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War of the words

He warned us for sure that he had them,
the biggest and all the best,
words of mass distraction
and words for all the rest

Worse than words of war,
so powerful and so strong.
They’ll rise above like towers
for all the others are wrong.

A thousand words a minute,
in tweets and posts, on hats
rien ne va plus won’t fly here
just continue to place your bets
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And so it goes

It came to pass, one evening
as I found when I looked around
that everyone was utterly lost
and yet, somewhere, also found

While a looker barely looks, a finder has found
that searching something sometimes has a cost
accosted, abandoned, astonished, on the ground
and he found

that no grief
was actually
worth grieving.